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What is Trendi?

An online platform to create applications and interfaces by defining the business data you use and want to use. Any changes you make to your organisation's data and UI models are instantly reflected across all devices.

How is that possible?

We've leveraged over two decades of experience building enterprise systems, and invested several years designing and developing the Trendi platform from a business needs perspective, keeping abreast of and integrating new technology advancements as they've become available.

Our flexible data modelling system is the key to providing a platform that is robust, secure, adaptable and most importantly relevant for you and your users.

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Key Features

Incredibly Powerful
Business First Approach
Defining the data your business utilises, how you want to collect it, and who has access to it, gives the Trendi platform everything it needs to create applications that precisely fit your desired business processes, ensure data confidentiality and generate useful analytics and visualisations to help you make effective business decisions.
One Step Build
Live Prototyping
We developed the Trendi platform because businesses and organisations continually complained to us about software development taking many months or years. With the Trendi platform, you simply define what you want and it builds and deploys a live prototype instantly.
Fully Customisable
Instant Changes
The Trendi platform was built specifically for deploying systems that are likely to change to better fit your business needs over time. Forget waiting months for software developers to produce a new version, followed by flawed testing iterations and complex data migration processes. Trendi allows you to adjust things instantly whilst guaranteeing the integrity of your data is always retained.
Intuitive Interfacing
Stunning Design
We've overlayed Trendi's sophisticated data modelling with an industry best practice user interface designer. One-click to enter editing mode, allowing you to add, move and change the various elements live on screen. A library of hundreds of interface components, optimised for mobiles, tablets and desktops, will ensure an enjoyable experience for your users.
Business Sense
Cost Effective
Our vision is for the systems you build within the Trendi platform to make you more productive and more profitable, securing both your future and ours. We have and will continue to invest in ensuring the Trendi platform provides you with the most cost effective business solutions leading to better business outcomes.
Best Practice
Proven Models and Templates
Over more than two decades we've consulted, developed and implemented systems for hundreds of different organisations of all shapes and sizes. We've learnt what works and what doesn't across a variety of businesses, and leveraged this knowledge to provide adaptable models within the Trendi platform for you to use either as a starting point to build upon or as a fully working solution to meet your requirements.
Endless Integrations
One Step Connection
The Trendi platform can connect to any other systems and databases with appropriately secure and industry standard API libraries. It also has the capability of connecting to data feeds, and can work with this data as if it were its own. Full systems can also be embedded within your Trendi application interface for a seamless user experience, especially when paired with Single Sign On authentication.
Accessible Anywhere
On Any Device
Not only are applications with in the Trendi platform responsive, every component in our library has been optimised to best work with the user's different devices in mind. You build and maintain one system and the Trendi platform ensures it is accessible and easy to use on every device. There's no need to create several versions of the same system to cater for different devices and screen sizes.
24/7 Support
Stay Up and Running
Over two decades we've prided ourselves on building systems with over 99.9% availability. Once our systems are up and running, they stay up and running.

What Clients Say

"Simply amazing! An enterprise management system up and running in just a few minutes."

Need Help?

We offer afforable consulting services so you can get the most out of our software.

What Defines Us?

Highly skilled technologists with a creative touch.

We're Experienced
In More than Just Software
Whether your organisation is corporate, government or not-for-profit we not only have experience building software for your sector we also have first-hand experience working in, running and managing organisations in these sectors.
We're Nerds
Using the Latest Technologies
We're not just looking at what's available now, we keep aware of what's coming so we can ensure our platform can take full advantage when new technology advancements become available.
We're Passionate
If you Succeed so do We
We pride ourselves on building systems that fit businesses and not the other way around. Our proprietary architecture allows us to customise every detail of your system to fit the business processes you want. No longer will your organisation be stuck within a pre-built product. With Trendi's solutions you define how you want your organisation to operate, not your system.

What We Do

Our experienced team can undertake evaluations and provide recommendations for any information systems and technology related aspects of your business. Whether you are looking into purchasing a new technology-based solution for your organisation or want research done on how the implementation of a certain system will benefit your organisation our team can help.
We understand business. And we understand that off-the-shelf solutions will never provide the same efficiency and productivity gains that many of these products promise. We offer organisations enterprise solutions that match their needs. Our systems are designed to be flexible and fully customisable.
Our full service approach means you can pick and choose any aspects of the process you want to do in-house and leave the rest to us. Too often we have stepped in to rescue blown out projects, so our goal with any implementation is always to get something up and running as quickly as possible.

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